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New Year's Eve In Egypt Original Creation


Picture this. The last day of the year 2019. You find yourself in one of the most magical, mythical and extraordinary full of history city in the world. Alexandria, Egypt and the most magical scent is dancing in the air, you've never smelled anything like this. But this is where kings and queens ruled the African continent for thousands of years. And believe it or not. Back then, perfume was one of the most precious items to be had. It was stored in royal tombs for eternity, and used in the most important of occasions.
The smell of resin, incense, sweet ripe fruit and pure royalty filled the air. Almost impossible not to smell it across the entire city. Cedar, Precious Amber resin and Vanilla became like best friends in the air as it was the most perfect aroma in the world. It was also accompanied by the most delicious sweet fruits available in the continent. Fresh lemons, Pears, and Cherries that smelled so succulent that it was impossible not to drool a bit. Juicy, sexy, luxurious and regal. Here in Alexandria we bring you the Modernized version of 2019 of the Egyptian Royalty fragrance. With notes of Vanilla, Cherry, Woody Notes, Amber, Bergamont, Patchouli, Cinnamon, Pear, Egyptian Spices and Sage. This fragrance is one fit to be worn by royalty in 2000 b.c. and 2019 a.c.  A true signature scent of Alexandria Fragrances.