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Newport Beach Original Creation




With aromas which vividly represent the landscapes of Newport Beach, California, the salty sea-breeze under southern California's perfectly warm weather.

Newport by Alexandria Fragrances comes as an invigorating substance that energizes your body and soul. Cleansing all bad energy from your body and relieving your mind with sweet and bright lemon, fresh oranges and uplifting green basil.

Accords of jasmine, rose ,cedar, passionate orange, and green lilac that combine with the salty sea breeze are a match made in heaven.

All of these feelings while you lay under a cedar tree surrounded by woods and warm amber.

If you ever wanted to know how heaven smells like. This is pretty damn close! A must have summer fragrance, or whenever you need a little spiritual cleansing.



Acqua Di Parma Blue Mediterrano


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jazsmin Lucious
Amazing as always!!!

You can never go wrong ordering anything, my whole family used this site and we love using the samples as well to find that perfect scent to match us all, I wouldn’t order anywhere else. ❤️

Khari D.

I own many fragrances, upward of 100. I also own quite a few from Alexandria. Newport Beach is my unconditional favorite. In my humble opinion this is the absolute perfect fragrance for the Summer. I'd venture to say the only time of the year this wouldn't shine would be in the cold season. I've been waiting for the 100ml bottle to restock for a while. Please restock soon!

Manuel Alfaro
Excellent Unisex Summer Fragance

At the beginning I wasn’t surprised, but it was seductive and energetic. Now I can’t live without this beautiful creation from Hany.

Summer in a bottle

Newport beach.. wow... you definitely get the florals and the lemon with some beautiful orange.. a bit spicy but that adds to the sea breeze kind of feel to it. Best worn in the heat and I could imagine with a nice breeze it will only enhance the scent and trail as you go. I was kind of worried that it would be very fem but it is not at all.. unisex all the way. I think it is a little more masculine version of Miami Beach with more zing to it. Don't sleep on this one!


One of the best summer fragrances I’ve ever smelled. Top notch stuff here.