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No Shade For Nomade

$44.99 $38.24



No Shade For Nomade. As the name suggest it, this powerful fragrance gives no breaks! A potent, almost nuclear performance that will not dissapear throughout the day, No Shade For Nomade
moves with you as the Nomads did, wherever you go, this baby will follow. Smoky Oud, elegant Saffron and Luscious Berries come up on top in this luxurious concoction. A touch of Rose softens
up the potent Oud and gives this fragrance an amazing balance. Sweet, Smoky, Woody is what this beauty sings. It is versatile enough to use it in the office with just one spray, but if you need it
it will dress up with a black tie to a hot date or an elegant event. No Shade For Nomade is one the most interesting Oud fragrances out there as it does not cloy the room with its potency but it
lasts all day and night and then some! One of the sexiest releases of the year, No Shade For Nomade is sure to find it's way into your collection today.

Inspiration of: LV's Ombre Nomade

Notes: Oud, Incense, Rose, Raspberry, Birch, Saffron, Benzoin, Amberwood, Geranium

Time of day: Night/ Cold Days 

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Haroon Hussain

Really well blended, it’s honestly intoxicating. The only oud fragrance I actually like

William H.
Great scent

It sprays on strong and then on the dry down smells very sophisticated and smooth. Projects extremely well and received a good amount of compliments.

Marwan Amer

It's awesome

Cindy M.

I am so glad I came to this site and bought 5 fragrances! NSFNomade is a power hitting, BEAUTIFUL, yet BOLD Oud scent...I ONLY wear Masculine/unisex frags, and have for over 30 years. I can say that that Hany is an AMAZING Perfumer in my opinion. You HAVE to try this banger, because it is BETTER and lasts LONGER than LV'S creation, plus, LV has raised ALL THEIR BOTTLES UP TO $50 Dollars, except when you go to their store for a refill. This version, BLOWS LV AWAY!

Aabid Mohiuddin

I have loved the original for a long time, but the price was simply too much to justify. This Alexandria inspiration is 99% accurate in a fraction of the cost. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Phenomenal!