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Nostalgia Inspired By MFK Oud Satin Mood




With every breath it brings a smile to your face, from the bright, candied violet of the opening, to the smooth, Laotian oud that rolls on contact with a royal Bulgarian rose essence and Turkish rose absolute, smoothing into a rich, vanilla-scented amber accord that gently touches every inch of your body with a cloud of pure sensuality. As befitting a satin garment this elegant, Nostalgia would surely turn every head wherever you go. Inspired by MFK Oud Satin Mood!

Time of day: Night

Weather: Cool

Notes: Bulgarian Rose, Vanilla, Oud, Benzoin, Violet


Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews

This sent is EVERYTHING!
So good. Thanks Alexandria Fragrances

Patrice Baker

When I first tried the original I wasn’t sold but I kept hearing about it so I gave it another chance. I love it! However I’m not stupid. I decided to purchase from Alexandria and Everyone is correct in saying that it is a 98% dupe. I believe Nostalgia is a little fresher and sweeter. It lasted longer on my skin than the original. Also I disagree with everyone when they say only ‘2 sprays’. Altogether I spray about 6 sprays. Behind my legs, inner arms and my back, never the front of my body. I never feel overwhelmed and we are having 90 degree weather. I plan to wear this all year long. I love this event so much I’m about to purchase a second bottle and I’m only 1/2 way through the first bottle. I can’t wait to see how this smell during the wi yet months too.

Beautifully made

This fragrance is a beautiful. It’s grown and sexy, wore it twice and got a compliment both times. I feel great when I wear this.

La Perfección en una botella

Que empiece la función:
Este perfume es magia:
La dulzura del satín, como dice el nombre este perfume es perfecto para una cita.
Lo he comparado con la fragancia original ya que la tengo y puedo comentar que la salida es un poco diferente pero éso dura unos minutos, Oud Satin tiene una salida delicada, fina ordenada, puedes sentir cada ingrediente; Nostalgia en la salida se siente algo desordenado pero esto dura unos instantes talvez unos 5 minutos, despues cuando empieza el secado aparece la magia, el secado puedes sentir la vainilla, la rosa y muy en el fondo muy sutilmente el Oud; Nostalgia tiene una duración bestial mínimo en piel 10 horas, en ropa ni se diga si la aplicaste en la camisa, esa camisa es Nostalgia, lo recomiendo para un clima frío-templado, en la noche es perfecto.
Cuando las comparé dificilmente pude identificar cual es cual, mí opinión un 9.5 de 10. EXCELENTE INSPIRACIÓN. Felicitaciones @hanny hafez

Charles McKinney
Very good

So close to the original