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With every breath it brings a smile to your face, from the bright, candied violet of the opening, to the smooth, Laotian oud that rolls on contact with a royal Bulgarian rose essence and Turkish rose absolute, smoothing into a rich, vanilla-scented amber accord that gently touches every inch of your body with a cloud of pure sensuality. As befitting a satin garment this elegant, Nostalgia would surely turn every head wherever you go. More of our customers are choosing Nostalgia instead of MFK Oud Satin Mood!

Time of day: Night

Weather: Cool

Notes: Bulgarian Rose, Vanilla, Oud, Benzoin, Violet

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Very close

Comparing this to MFK Oud Satin Mood - the biggest differences for me are that Nostalgia comes off with a sweeter vanilla and is more powdery than the original. MFK is a bit more refined and elegant, more mellow. However, Nostalgia is unmistakeably close to what it's supposed to represent. You'd find larger differences in batch variations with some Creed fragrances than you will between Nostalgia and Oud Satin Mood.


this smell this smell here is something i want to smell like for a few years so warm and pleasant. This is a the type of smell people will remember you by and for , you will not be able to forget this smell its a must buy

This is closer to Silk Oud Mood not Satin Oud Mood

As a stand alone fragrance it's great, as an inspiration of Satin Our Mood, it falls short, but as an inspiration of Silk Satin Mood, this is pretty good. Satin OM is less loud but more deeper and robust, Silk OM is louder but less concentrated. If you love Silk OM, this will satisfy you, but I can't recommend as subscription for Satin OM.

Mary Cay


mediocre imitation

having both the MFK Oud Satin Mood! and this side by side really you can tell the difference this is not bad it just not there i would say it around 65% of the mfk , and MFK is far far superior in quality and the smell , the opening is difference and the dry down of NOSTALGIA is where it mess out big time , as for the money its not bad but i would not buy this if you want something very close to MFK.