Nubian Queen

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Nubian Queen is a fresh, exciting original fragrance from Alexandria Fragrances. Bright, bubbling, and bursting with happiness and electric joy, it opens with mouth-watering juicy peach notes, accompanied by sweet roses and other floral accords. A soft bed of jasmine emerges in the background, dusted with sweet powdery benzoin and creamy vanilla. This woman is strong, independent, and full of delight. This woman is the Nubian Queen.

Weather: any

Time of day: any

Notes: Jasmine, Rose, Peach, Benzoin, Vanilla

Customer Reviews

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Love the scent, but the description

I looveeee the scent, I wear it everyday but I have bit of a problem with the description. I don’t like that the Nubian woman Perfume has the words “strong and independent” associated with it. The phrase very masculine and a dehumanizing trope constantly forced on us against our will. It denies us of our humanity and femininity. I know you mean well but it would mean a lot for you to change that description

Do not let the rose accord fool you!

Do not let the notes described fool you into thinking this is a rose fragrance. The notes are blended perfectly and on the dry down this one is pure class! It is fresh and fun and confident!