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Other 13 Inspired By Le Another 13

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"An indescribable journey!!"

This fragrance has it all, sex appeal, fresh, yet powerful, complex, but simple enough to understand its beauty.  An aura of nothingness when first sprayed.

Then this beautiful concoction starts intoxicating the atoms in the air surrounding you with the most exquisite slightly sweet browned sugar smell. The sugar that shows up is dripping off of a tart subtle Pear. When you think you start understanding this fragrance the salty ambergris hits you with a touch of musk that is to die for. A true work of art. The amazing quality of the ISO-E super makers this experience like no other. leaving a scent trail of pure seduction behind you as you go about your day.

A mysterious masterpiece that is wearable all year long. A MUST GET if you like Le Labo Another 13.




Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Bashawn Johnson
Good Smelling Juice

I hope that a woman don't steal my draaws after smelling Other 13 on me 😉

Best minimalist fragrance

I got this for more than a year. I love wearing this alone or layering with other fragrances. Other 13 on me has a bit less depth. I’d say it’s 90% similar clone to original Another 13. It still smells very similar to OG and it is so good I highly recommend it.

Emmanuel ukpan
Other 13

It is a gaurantee ladies magnet 100%. Take my words or see for yourself. This is my second bottle. Please Alexandria & co. keep it up and keep pushing the envelope on frangrances

Catnip for women

Let me first start by saying the first time I smelled this I thought I got jipped out of my money. I bought a sample and when I sprayed it, I smelled a little bit of juice and mostly alcohol. My nose deceived me, because everyone else smelled it throughout the day and the next day...i did too. You could possibly be nose blind at first like I was, but don't trip, it's working!

Now.....throughout my relationship from time to time my wife has said I smell good before and when she really likes a scent she does this thing where she sucks her tongue (like a baby when you take the pacifier away and they keep sucking their tongue instead). Well I got a whole new reaction with this one!!!! She said you smell gooood and couldn't keep off of me, I mean, it was like she was into me in a whole new way. She basically jumped on exaggeration. I know this sounds like an infomercial, but hear me out. Fast forward to my first day back at work after the quarantine, one of my boys tells me about this new girl he has been hooking up with. I ask him to let me spray it on his arm before he leaves work and tell me what she says (without him saying anything to her...just let the juice talk). Late late that night i get a text... " Bro she attacked me!!!" lol. I promise this cologne is like a wingman, it closes the deal for you. I have no reason to write this review, other than to hope someone else gets to experience this reaction too. It is the easiest blind buy out there.

Very nice

Very hard for me to tell the difference between original very hard