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Paris Night Inspired By MFK Grand Soir




A gorgeous evening in romantic Paris, with the stars twinkling against the glow of the moon, and music wafting through the air as you sit outside an old cafe and contemplate the beauty of life ... this is what the aroma of Paris Night evokes. A lush blanket of warm amber settles around you, tinged with powdery incense, dotted with hints of vanilla, and just a whisper of leathery labdanum. It projects an air of sensuality and smoldering passion just under the surface, inviting closer attention and perhaps one last dance before the evening is through.Inspired by  MFK Grand Soir!

Time of day: Evening

Weather: Cool

Notes: Amber, Siam Benzoin, Tonka Bean, Vanilla, Spanish Labdanum


Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Nicholas l Lindert

Strong and beautiful scent. Long lasting and will get you compliments.

Frantz Blaise

It seems like you guys don't understand.. I never received my 5 products I keep email you.. texting about my packages.. it's 5 fragrances worth $300 plus paris night...Sunday morning..h7....leather intense...007 copy of killian intoxicated. It's been 14 days ago I never received them... now you guys asking me to share my thought while you guys messing up my order...woww it's funny huh.. anyways this is the order number93647 I am still for my fragrances... thanks

T. Marie White
Full Bottle Worthy

Vanilla, Siam (Sweetest Vanillic) Benzion available, Amber, Tonka Bean, and Labdanum in that order.

The tonka lends an almost cinnamon spice accord, yet isn’t as spicy, loud, nor forward as Dior Fev. Del.

I was given a friends sample, and this leans slightly more feminine than Grand Soir because of its sweetness. I have a variety of benzoin resin essential oils as well as resins and the benzoin in this is VERY realistic, could have used the real thing. I can’t tell the difference, even with supernatural pregnancy nose. The original is more amber, less tonka, and unisex. I have 2 (OG)older bottles and have not smelled any rumored (fresher) reformulations.

I will buy a few back bottles in a couple of weeks after I purchase some more dupes from other clone houses to compare. I actually like this just as much as the original and may end up layering the two if their respective compositions agree with my chemistry.

Tested once and bought a full 100ml bottle. I’m excited to see how this deepens after macerating for a month or so. I have Dark Knight and the burnt wood ash note in the initial spray has softened to a vertiver like woodiness while not lasting nearly as long as it did a couple weeks ago. I have no doubt, based on the note break down, and the scent itself that Paris Nights will become much smoother and richer after resting a bit.

Signature Scent. 100ml worthy.

“Beast Mode” Fragrance

2 tester size mini sprays in 75 85 high humidity heat on SKIN, lasted ALL DAY.

Lasts all day

I absolutely love this perfume. I ordered a small sample of the original and this smells exactly like it to me. The lasting power is AMAZING! You won't go wrong with this fragrance.

Yasnay Alvarez

Me encanta este perfume lo disfruto cada vez que me lo pongo y recibo muchos cumplido