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Peace of Mind

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A beautiful lush, tart, fruity yet woody magestic fragrance.
Fresh tart pineapple with a splash of bergamot and sweet juniper berries
in a wooden robust cup with a currant bud as a garnish.
Highly elegant, manly, fresh and linear in a good way, Peace of Mind
by Alexandria is sure to be your next signature scent.

Excellent for the office, for going out, and regal enough for
a suit and tie, Peace of Mind never dissapoints. A true warrior's
fragrance that achieves an enourmous sillage and a long lasting
scent that will never abandon you. Truly a man's best friend.

In another perspective, when I wear this fragrance, I imagine
something that James Bond would wear. Incredibly sexy, powerful
and in a snap it can be worn all day, as you change attires for
whatever situation life throws at you.

If you love Bond n9 Scent of Peace for him, you will absolutely
ADORE, Peace of Mind by Alexandria Fragrances.

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