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🌹Prickly Rose🌹

This rose fragrance will take your breath away!

Prickly rose comes with a punch of occidental Tumeric and a dash of Sichuan Pepper that creates an amazing unisex feeling. Sweet Tonka and Dark patchouli dress the Turkish, May, and Bulgarian Rose bouquet with a downplayed more serious Rose. An experience altogether to the Rose lovers and those who are wanting to get into Rose fragrances. Easy to wear, great power and amazing sillage, Prickly Rose is perfect for night and day settings, the spicy, smoky rose will make you feel sexier at first spray!
Most of our customers prefer Prickly Rose than Tom Ford's Rose Prick

Our customers prefer Prickly Rose to Rose Prick by Tom Ford almost every time!

Top Notes - Sichuan pepper and Turmeric

Middle Notes - May rose, Turkish rose, and Bulgarian rose

Base Notes - Patchouli, and Tonka Bean

Customer Reviews

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I purchased this and was super excited to have an alternative to the TF Rose Prick. However, upon comparing Prickly Rose with TF, it is way too sharp and strong. I don't know if it is the patchouli or something, but whatever it is, it is too much. The TF is smooth as silk. This one didn't come close unfortunately. I have had great luck with Alexandria's fragrances and will continue to purchase, but this one missed the mark.

Interesting fragrance, but not impressed

My favorite thing about this fragrance is the different rose notes. I think those were combined well. I am not a fan of the top notes AT ALL. I don't know if it is the turmeric or the pepper but I just really do not like the first 30 minutes of this fragrance.

Of course, I have to like a fragrance for it to be a keeper and the general consensus of those around me must like it too. I would say that only 10% of the people I had smell it actually liked it. As with anything, this could potentially be someones favorite fragrance, just not mine.


OMG this is a beast frfr...wonderful scent👍🏾🔥🔥💯🌹