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Pure Bliss Inspired By Pure Bliss

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Pure Bliss- The Egyptian pyramids meet the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. A timeless classic meets a modern fragrance. What else can we use to describe this wonderful beast of a fragrance?
Eccentric Oud is the star in this blend. It brings animalic opulence with luxurious darkness that is gently touched by Arabian Taiff Rose. On the outside you might think of it as
another Oud/Rose combo. But Pure Bliss is a special one. We hand picked the perfect combination of notes to make the most alluring, dark, sexy and powerful Oud/Rose original creation we could
ever come up with. Besides the everpresent Rose and Oud notes an intoxicating Greek Incense and Turkish Saffon were added to add delicious dry down. Pure Bliss lasts all day, dresses
you up, and adds the perfect exotic touch to any outfit. Want to leave an amazing scent trail when you walk? the answer is Pure Bliss. Want to have people asking who smells so good here? Pure Bliss
is the answer. Want to smell amazing all day and night? You guessed it! Pure Bliss is the answer. It doesn't matter how or where you wear it. Pure Bliss is there to impress and captivate those around you.

Notes: Oud, Arabian Taiff Rose, Greek Incense, and Turkish Saffron.

Time of day: Cool Days and All Nights.

Weather: Any weather that you want to feel sexy.

Inspired by Pure Bliss 


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Oud and Rose sensation!

Amazing fragrance!
Was looking for a Oud and Rose blend, this
is perfect…Pure Bliss is quite the appropriate name!

Brannon Brown
Similar to Guerlain Santal Royal...but BETTER

I haven't given this a full wearing yet but I already love it, this 1 is elegant, it just wafts off of you & leaves a delectable scent trail, I will definitely be enjoying this 1 once this covid stuff has passed.

Perfume scent

This right here is very beautiful 100%
Make more original creations !!🪄🔮🔥