Purpl3 H@ze

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Get ready to send shivers down your spine and cross to the realm of fragrance addiction!

Purpl3 H@ze instantly overtakes all your senses and takes them to the next level. Nirvana, ecstacy, almost an orgasmic experience. Hedione the first ingredient shoots into your brain and awakes all pleasure sensors in your brain absorbing the most amazing olfactory experience of your life. You don’t just smell this fragrance you live it, now Heliotrope kicks in! Used in the making of ecstacy Heliotrope takes you for a wild ride. Giving the libido a dose of power, along with sexual thoughts, sweaty palms and pleasure all driving through the mind of anyone that is lucky enough to get a whiff of this magical concoction. Rose, Sandalwood and Myrrh make this experience even a more pleasurable one... will you break the boundary of the best fragrance experience ever? I DARE YOU!
Our customers choose Purpl3 H@ze over Psychodelic Love by Initio Parfums.


Notes: Balsamic-Woody-Powdery-Floral-Yelow Floral

Customer Reviews

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OMGGGG! I am hooked instantaneously! 💜This is totally different from anything I have in my collection. I am instantly buying the full size bottle of this. I received this today in my travel spray kit and this is my absolute favorite! Thank you so much Alexandria Fragrances for making this gem in a bottle for a fraction of the cost!

Sexy Purple Blast

Not a shy order of fragrance business this one, for me, it certainly does seem to have some aphrodisiac quality to it.

Completely unexplainable yet entirely enjoyable.

Dance in Delirious Delight

I've not had a chance to smell Initio Psychedelic Haze, but I have smelled other Initio fragrances and they definitely have a base DNA IMO which this stuff seems to hit the mark nicely in addition to that expected profile the way this stuff changes and swirls is quite pleasant to me. I highly recommend trying it if you don't mind standing out from a sea of bergamot and lavender.

Exactly as original

The same way the original Psychedelic love disappears on me after a few mins, this one does as well. But while I smell it, it’s beautiful. For some reason I am anosmic to this perfume. I so wish I could smell what others smell. It’s very nice but then it becomes a skin scent. It’s not the fragrance fault, it’s me. Other ppl smell it on me hrs later. I just don’t smell it. So I gave it 5 stars because it is exactly like the original. Just not for me .

Titan Harper

I have never written a review on any cologne in my life I ordered this and Hawaii volcano I'm impressed with both so far on longevity, smell, sillage all the above!! This stuff rocks!!