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Purpl3 H@ze Inspired By Love by Initio Parfums

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Get ready to send shivers down your spine and cross to the realm of fragrance addiction!

Purpl3 H@ze instantly overtakes all your senses and takes them to the next level. Nirvana, ecstacy, almost an orgasmic experience. Hedione the first ingredient shoots into your brain and awakes all pleasure sensors in your brain absorbing the most amazing olfactory experience of your life. You don’t just smell this fragrance you live it, now Heliotrope kicks in! Used in the making of ecstacy Heliotrope takes you for a wild ride. Giving the libido a dose of power, along with sexual thoughts, sweaty palms and pleasure all driving through the mind of anyone that is lucky enough to get a whiff of this magical concoction. Rose, Sandalwood and Myrrh make this experience even a more pleasurable one... will you break the boundary of the best fragrance experience ever? I DARE YOU!

Inspired by Psychodelic Love by Initio Parfums.


Notes: Balsamic-Woody-Powdery-Floral-Yelow Floral


Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Michael Speziale
Purple Awesomeness!!

What an amazing sent! This thing is a compliment beast! The projection and longevity was more than expected. A must have in anyones collection.

julia creighton
This smells really good.

I do not own the original, but no matter. This is different than anything else I have in my collection and I do think it is really good. The description here is funny. I can't speak to all that's in the description, orgasmic and all, but this is strong on the heliotrope and I love this note. I am considering a full bottle of this one. I recommend.

So Sexy!!!

I bought this as a blind buy. OMG!!! I'm so happy I chose this. Out of all the ones I selected in my travel pack, this is definitely my favorite. I will be buying the full sized bottle. I LOVE Purpl3 H@Ze!!! So so sexy!!!!

Paul Mann
Instant love

I was able to sample Psychedelic Love, and while I loved the scent, I did not care for the $300+ dollar price tag.

Just got Purple H@ze in today and it’s delightful. I’m sure it will deepen and mature, as most of Haney’s scents do over time (I also love Nostalgia and Vanille Doree) but I’m wearing it now with no complaints. Probably about 90% similar right now but close enough that I’m happy.

I’d recommend this if you already know you love the original OR if you just want a really great perfume.

Anthony crumbley

I wear this daily as my signature scent. I almost don’t want to tell people what it is or where I got it bc I’m selfish and don’t want people smelling like me. Don’t ever stop making this!!!