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Redondo Beach #05 Inspired by Rosendo Mateu Nº 5



Redondo Beach #05's sweet essence is unique and erotic. The sensual Vanilla and warm Amber play such a mysterious role in this fragrance that is so attractive
and distinct that you will not smell like everyone else wearing Redondo Beach #05. The spicy opening along with exotic floral notes, give birth to an emotional
sensation of love in your life that will touch your very soul.

If you like Rosendo Mateu n5 you will love Redondo Beach #05

Notes: Exotic Flowers, Spices, Carnation, Lilly of the valley, Amber, Vanilla, Musk.

Time of day: Forever

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Redondo Beach #5

Redondo is a great selection for me. I was put on this site by one of my gym buddies. My first blind purchase was the zebra. I did not like that purchase. However, I was sent a sample of Redondo beach #5. I was blown away by how well my sense of smell received it. This cologne to me is one of my favorite. I feel myself every time I have it on, and I feel confident giving hugs. I am surprised this cologne only has a few reviews. I am not the type to review products. But I feel like I owe it to others as others' reviews help me sometimes make a good purchase. I recommend this buy. I know I have more purchases for this. This can be worn any time of the year, honestly.

I got a Decant today with my 30ml Zion and one of the two decants is Punica Beach #5

LOOK Punica Beach # 5 smells identical to Parfums De Marley HEROD..........All Day Long.


98% similar to the No 5 but with slightly more vanilla. I actually prefer this over the original as I think that pop of vanilla makes it better.

Will buy when I can!

shanda washington
love it!

I had a decant of Rosendo Mateu N 5 and I loved it. This smells 99% identical to my noise. Alexandria fragrances knocked it out of the park with this one.