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Retro Flare (Gold) Inspired By Gentle Fluidity Gold




GOLD - How can the same notes smell completely different you may ask?

Well. It is completely possible to go from a woodsey masculine powerhouse to a gently airy silky smooth fragrance that entices those around you to drool over the sweet, almost candy like vanilla. Just change the proportions and you will see the results. In this other masterpiece Retro Flare Gold takes you back to Retro Flare Silver but in a different dimension. The same woods are much softer. The same vanilla is now caramelized. The juniper berries and spices are just an aromatic pinch and the musc is just used to round off and give body to the fragrance. Crazy right? 2 fragrances, the exact same notes. 2 way different scents. Join the matrix and let's try both and experience the same path that leads to different destinations shall we?
Inspired by Gentle Fluidity Gold


Notes: Vanilla-Amber-Fresh Spicy-Woody-Aromatic-musky 


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Valerie Kearney
Love It

My new favorite and BR540 Extrait is 2nd

Janet Khodavirdian
Cognoscenti's Choice

I am overjoyed with this aromatic perfume. I DO LOVE the spicy texture. Not the first time buyer & wont be the last time. THANK YOU.

Stephanie Jimenez
Beautiful fragrance

I have never smelled gentle fluidity gold but I'm a suckered for vanillas...and this one is so beautiful. I know it says unisex but I think it leans more feminine. Regardless it's a beautiful warm fragrance....considering making this my signature go to perfume.

Nancy Niepokuj
Unique and beautiful

I think it is the juniper that gives this fragrance that special flare that i like so much. It enhances the sweet vanilla in an enchanting way.

Michael Patterson

Okay so my wife surprised me with a couple of Alexandria fragrances... This smells soooo good.. I believe this is a year around banger!! I wouldn’t wear it in a tropical atmosphere but a cool summer night this would be perfect on a date or night out.. Very well done! I look forward getting more Alexandria fragrances