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Retro Flare (silver)

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Aromatic, Fresh, Spicy, And a hint of Awesomeness!

Doesnt this sound like what fragrances used to be? Powerful, great, statement making. This modern yet retro-mazing fragrance comes off with a beautiful vanilla at the base that takes your hand and shows you the way to the beautiful notes that transpire in this masterpiece! 80's Juniper berries fill the air with a hint of seductive musc and exotic coriander to spice things up. The woodsy notes smooth things down as this retro flare shines throughout the day as your groovy companion. Masculine yet gentle. Metalic yet organically made. This powerhouse will take you back to when fragrances used to be king and transport you back down memory lane igniting all of your nostalgic memories and captivating those around you. Our customers prefer Retro Flare Silver 9/10 times than Gentle Fluidity Silver.


Notes: Aromatic-Fresh Spicy-Woody-Musky-Soft Spicy 

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