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Rose Noir

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Rose Noir shimmers and shines with bright energy and natural pizzazz. Rose petals open in full bloom at the first spray, accompanied by tangy lime, bergamot, and orange blossom notes, evoking the sensation of taking a walk through an aromatic garden. Fresh angelica, pine, and earthy saffron strengthen the accord, resting on a light base of incense and musk. Full of vitality and playful spontaneity, Rose Noir will lift your spirits and bring a smile to your face, as well as the faces of those around you! More of our customers are choosing Rose Noir instead of Amouage Lyric Man!

Time of day: Anytime

Weather: Spring, Summer 

Notes: Rose, Lime, Incense, Musk, Bergamot, Angelica, Pine Tree, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Ginger, Saffron, Orange Blossom, Nutmeg, Galbanum

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