Sahara Nights

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Sahara Nights - exotic, mysterious sensuality, a shade of unattainable. Rare and precious oud is swathed in luscious Turkish roses and costly saffron and sublimated by sensual sandalwood; the composition is resting on an ultra soft bed of frankincense, further warmed by whispers of amber for unmistakable Middle Eastern feel after the sun goes down. A luxurious exoticism, rich, complex, full of mystery. More of our customers are choosing Sahara Nights instead of Frederic Malle The Night!

Time of day: Anytime

Weather: Winter, Fall 

Notes: Oud, Turkish Rose, Amber 

Customer Reviews

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Fucking AMAZING.


I have a decant sample of Malle's Night, and Sahara One is different but very nice. To my nose it is much closer to Malle's Portrait of a Lady (which I also have), but by itself the overall scent and performance is outstanding. Absolutely worth it!

Rob Funk
Beast rose and oud

**One for oud and Rose lovers**
This fragrance is a beast. Unfortunately, it didnt work on my European skin. It was projecting a little animalic on my skin. I would recommend sample first if you are a beginner to the fragrance world . I think this is definitely for winter
and autumn and I know it will work for most. Go for it!

Gabriel Garcia
Potent stuff

Wonderful and elegant, can't get enough of it, even after a shower the next day, I could still feel it in my skin like a golden sugar glove, top quality oud, must have for special occasions.

Gabriel Garcia
Amazing scent

The night in the great ancient desert, is only for a celebration, in Sahara nights are nothing but the best Alexandria has to offer, beautiful at the peak roses, tied by a delicious saffron, the provocateur is the golden amber, the secrets of the great desert revealed!