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Sahara Nights Inspired By Frederic Malle The Night

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Sahara Nights - exotic, mysterious sensuality, a shade of unattainable. Rare and precious oud is swathed in luscious Turkish roses and costly saffron and sublimated by sensual sandalwood; the composition is resting on an ultra soft bed of frankincense, further warmed by whispers of amber for unmistakable Middle Eastern feel after the sun goes down. A luxurious exoticism, rich, complex, full of mystery. Inspired by Frederic Malle The Night!

Time of day: Anytime

Weather: Winter, Fall 

Notes: Oud, Turkish Rose, Amber 


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Fucking AMAZING.


I have a decant sample of Malle's Night, and Sahara One is different but very nice. To my nose it is much closer to Malle's Portrait of a Lady (which I also have), but by itself the overall scent and performance is outstanding. Absolutely worth it!

Gabriel Garcia
Potent stuff

Wonderful and elegant, can't get enough of it, even after a shower the next day, I could still feel it in my skin like a golden sugar glove, top quality oud, must have for special occasions.

Gabriel Garcia
Amazing scent

The night in the great ancient desert, is only for a celebration, in Sahara nights are nothing but the best Alexandria has to offer, beautiful at the peak roses, tied by a delicious saffron, the provocateur is the golden amber, the secrets of the great desert revealed!

How has no one else tried this yet?

This is amazing! The Night by Frederic Malle is WAY out of my price range and no stores in my area even carry that brand; so I wanted to see what this was all about so I ordered it as part of the sample pack and it's great. I love Rose and Oud fragrances, my favorite being Indonesian Oud by Zegna, and this is much like that as well. However, with SN, you're greeted by a very strong rose note right at the top, but the real star of this show is the Oud in the dry down, particularly in the deep dry down, it turns your skin into this wonderful sensual masterpiece. You get this very warm sensation that softened up beautifully by the hint of rose that remains during the entirety of this fragrance. If you're into Rose and Oud fragrances, this one is definitely worth a try, and for the price, you can not beat it. Thanks Hany!