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Green things are amazing... money, plants(lol), aliens(?) and then comes Scandalous by Alexandria Fragrances. This gorgeous green monster of a Fougere leads the barbershop scents by a mile! It has it all. Fresh herbs like basil, tarragon, mint, petitgrain and patchouli. A powerhouse of a scent needs some bright citrus like lemon and lime to wake up your senses. Its incredibly complex composition is a masterpiece. Flowers, herbs, spices, musk, and everything an amazing out of this world true fougere needs.
With a monster performance and the stamp of a typical gentleman's barbershop scent, Scandalous makes for a great wingman everywhere you go. Excellent for the weekends, great for the office, and sexy and opulent for dates. It does it all.

If you like Roja Dove's Scandal Eau de Parfum you will absolutely love Scandalous.

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