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Scandalous Inspired By Roja Dove's Scandal Eau de Parfum




Green things are amazing... money, plants(lol), aliens(?) and then comes Scandalous by Alexandria Fragrances. This gorgeous green monster of a Fougere leads the barbershop scents by a mile! It has it all. Fresh herbs like basil, tarragon, mint, petitgrain and patchouli. A powerhouse of a scent needs some bright citrus like lemon and lime to wake up your senses. Its incredibly complex composition is a masterpiece. Flowers, herbs, spices, musk, and everything an amazing out of this world true fougere needs.
With a monster performance and the stamp of a typical gentleman's barbershop scent, Scandalous makes for a great wingman everywhere you go. Excellent for the weekends, great for the office, and sexy and opulent for dates. It does it all.

If you like Roja Dove's Scandal Eau de Parfum you will absolutely love Scandalous.


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
I haven't gotten my pkg yet i have been waiting for so long

my order never got to my house , please if you have any information
let me know. thank you Doron

My new signature scent

I received a sample of Scandalous as part of a sample package on a FB group. At first sniff from the decanter I didn’t care for it. It was too green and sharp for my taste. I came back to it a few weeks later and actually sprayed it on my skin. At first it was still sharp but that started to fade as it dried down and that’s when the magic happens. This is a great scent and is very close to the original. I was able to sample it recently as well. No need to pay Roja prices when you can get this close for a fraction of the price.

Noam Lanker
Just great

Great for any man who feels like a man

Alan McQuillan

This scent is masculine and business-oriented. It's fresh and recognizable, because I can recall my own father wearing something similar 30 years ago- so, this one won't disappoint for any young father.

Mark D.
King of Barbershop Fragrances

This right here is pure masculinity in a bottle. If you are looking for the ultimate Barbershop fragrance, look no further. What you get is a strong dose of green spices and herbs mixed in with refreshing mint and citrus. I get a Polo green vibe, but just replace the ashy tobacco note with citrus, mint, and herbs. The drydown is woody, green, and ultra masculine. This is for the alpha male who wants to get noticed. Performance is 10/10.