Smooth Sailing

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Smooth Sailing takes you straight to the main deck of a luxury yacht, kissed by the sun and the sea-salted breeze. As if holding a well-made cocktail in your hand, you'll catch opening notes of candied fruits and sweet, boozy liqueur, mingled with the aroma of marine mists, featuring saltwater and fresh air accords. As the scent takes you into a sunset drydown, there are whispers of powdery incense grains and an amber heart. Smooth Sailing will easily replace your next bottle of Xerjoff 40 Knots!

Weather: any

Time of day: any

Notes: Candied Fruits, Rum, Sea Salt, Aquatic Accords, Benzoin, Amber

Customer Reviews

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Solid summer fragrance

I’ve never smelled the original.. First off thank you for the 5 ml sample I requested with my last purchase.. Everything I have tried from Alexandria is a hit.. I really like this but instead of a marine feel I get a barbershop feel.. Barbershop fragrances are amongst my favorites so that is okay to me.. To my nose I get a baby powder mix with faint booze and some kind of sweetness.. Not my favorite but it’s nice..

Very stylish

This is a beauty, and I've never smelled the original. Don't care- this is fantastic. Imagine you've finally got the girl you've been pining after the entire voyage. You anchor in a cove, and have the most passionate encounter either of you have ever experienced, on deck. A vanilla candle and incense stick are lit somewhere below decks, and the smell lingers with the wood under your body and the salty air. A faint aroma of wild flowers wafts in from the coast, mixing with the powder that you tossed on before dinner. Following said encounter, she notices your natural musk, and well, another encounter ensues.

This is something unique and special. It's not a typical millennial summer frag, where you go to the mall after bathing in it. This is refined, a mixture of 1980's power frags and an oceanside aura. It's a cologne for a man, someone more in his late-30's and onward. If you ever have the chance to eat at a coastal restaurant, let alone go sailing on a yacht, wear this. If you enjoy khaki shorts, a white sportshirt, and leather deck shoes, then this will accompany that nicely.

Packaging and presentation are outstanding. Very long-lasting, and projects for many feet. Thanks, Hany, you did it again!

What a beautiful beast...

Wow. I've got a sample of this with my order and am blowned away by it. Definitely buying a full bottle before my upcoming summer vacation. It is different and unique take on summer fragrance. I can only imagine how it will shine in summer heat...

Swoosh Sailing is more like it

Just do it, just get it, just cop it! I got this as one of my four in the travel pack and if I could turn back the hands of time, I would bottle up even being the sample whore that I am. Aquatic, regal, and sophisticated is the best way that I can describe this stuff. I am really surprised that there aren't more reviews. I put on Smooth Sailing and I know that I'm going to have a day.

HH, I would also like to thank you for the sample of Hafez Gold! Your generosity is unparalleled.

Mark Binlot
Reminds me of Ambre Nuit!

Think of Prive line of Christian Dior Ambre Nuit. Instead of Rose scent, it’s more of an aquatic notes and slightly sweeter.