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Stay home!

You probably have heard this more than you would like to in these hard times. Nonetheless we created a fragrance that is cozy, manly, green, and very dapper!

It is the fragrance that takes you back in time. It is your father's green polo with a modern and sexy twist. Fresh citrus cuts through the bad vibes that you may be feeling. The green aromatic notes will be your new "Samson's Hair". It will grow an evergreen flow of testosterone that will leave your body tingling with superpowers. The aromatic notes in this original, secret concoction will have you feeling cozy as if everywhere you go, feels like home, like the" Chief of your village" in every situation.

Stay home serves also as a reminder for everyone to stay safe in these tough times and we as Alexandria Fragrances wish the upmost health and blessings to everyone. Please enjoy this Original creation in the safest way possible, we know that you will love it!


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