Sunday Morning

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The first ray of light enters after the break of dawn , you hit the empty streets of Paris for a walk to clear your mind and admire the beautiful nature around you passing by the Seine and the lovely gardens.

While taking a deep breath, you will be tantalized by the energizing Calabrian lemon, Lavandin and orange blossom creating a floral fantasy on top of a musc and amber bed leaving you in a sensational state of mind to start your morning, Sunday morning. More of our customers are choosing Sunday Morning instead of MFK Petit Matin!

Time of Day: Morning

Weather: All

Notes: Italian Lemon, Orange Blossom, Musk, Lavender, Hawthorn, Ambroxan

Customer Reviews

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Susan F
Beautiful fragrance!

Sunday Morning is so easily wearable. Bright, fresh and lightly floral. It’s a scent I can put on anytime - not just Sunday Morning although that’s just plain fun to do. I’m so happy to have another (bigger!) bottle.

DJ Gregory
Sunday Morning

I can wake up to this scent every Sunday Morning you know it's going to be a wonderful day.

Frederick Scott
Sunday morning

Great scent, good longevity on my skin. Blind buy approved 👌

James Killebrew

Sampled 5ml first, then 55ml arrived today. I may be wrong but this reminds me of Glacier only an intense version! It's a wonderful happy and bright scent that I love. Thanks for the quality, value and all those 2ml samples I always request!

Nancy Niepokuj
Happy Scent

This juice has a sunny disposition.
It's the kind of fragrance to wear when you want to share a little joy.