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Sunny Desert

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Sunny Desert is the definition of a refreshing cocktail in your garden in a sunny day. sweet green Lemongrass and green earthy Yerba Mate take over the center stage
with a splash of Calabrian Bergamot to brighten things up. A very natural smelling fragrance that is so unique and intriguing that it will have you smelling your wrist all day.
Like the smell of wet grass that is so addicting Sunny Desert is in a class of its own. Green, Bright and Unique this masterpiece will have everyone wondering what you are
wearing. This is not your typical mass appealing, mall fragrance that smells good. This is you becoming the center of attention in the most unique way.

Sunny Desert inspiration of LV's Cactus Garden.

Notes: Lemongrass, Mate, Calabrian Bergamot.

Time of day: Day/Aftrernoon


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Just very slightly more dense than the original, but worth every dollar, considering the original is discontinued. Intoxicating fresh tea.

Peter V.
Cactus Garden in Scottsdale

Received this as a sample in my latest order. I’ve never smelled the OG. I definitely pick up the lemongrass and Yerba mate. It’s a much more refined lemongrass than what you smell in Thai food, and a much less herbal smelling mate. It doesn’t smell at all like earthy tea in a gourd to me (which is what I picture when I see Yerba Mate mentioned). Definitely could see this at a boutique in Scottsdale, or southwestern hotel like Hotel San Jose in Austin (if this smells like the OG, Cactus Garden was a great name for it). In the same realm but more slightly more masculine than AF Sunday Morning, a lady could definitely pull this off. I imagine this would smell better in warmer weather. Nevertheless, like all of AF fragrances, the quality of the ingredients just oozes out of this. Thumbs up!