Sweet Revenge

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Sweet Revenge is a unisex, original blend of sugar, spice and everything nice. At Alexandria Fragrances we invite you to indulge in this fragrance that will satisfy your sweet tooth. Spicy vanilla wrapped in a warm blanket of caramel and soft honey; making this potion the sweetest of them all. This special creation will have all the bees swarming you making it the sweetest revenge of them all... Creamy, classy, seductive

Time of day: Anytime

Weather: Any weather 

Notes: Caramel, vanilla, sugar cane , white chocolate

Customer Reviews

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David Pfeifer
Gourmand lover

If you like sweetness this is it. It reminds me of bubblegum snowballs from Louisiana in the opening. Last about 6 hrs on my skin.

Simone Gutierrez

This fragrance is absolute perfection!!! A gourmand lover’s dream.
I am a sucker for sweet, musky, vanilla gourmands and this is the Queen of gourmand. Sexy, seductive, sweet, a bit mysterious but very inviting. Not your average sweet. Ageless, beautifully nuanced and balanced. Masterfully crafted. I receive compliments galore when I wear this, which is everyday!

Please make this available in the 100ml because the smaller bottles are just not enough. I literally layer this with every single one of my fragrances. It can stand its own and also layers very well!

Please NEVER discontinue this fragrance without giving me a heads up so I can stock up because I will cry.

Smells awesome

This is comes very very close to mk midnight shimmer..
I think this is way smoother and last longer for sure. Very safe blind buy..

Alex V
Love at first Sniff

I blind bought a small bottle and I was immediately mad at myself for not buying the big bottle instead. This is a GREAT SCENT!

Sexy, Sophisticated Sweetness.

I just received this bottle yesterday and I'm using it for the first time today. To break it down, here are my thoughts:

-Upon the opening, you get a rush of sweetness (that is incredibly yummy and leaves you chasing for more).

-As the spritz lands onto your skin, clothing, what have you- it settles into a scrumptious medley that reminds me of toasted cotton candy, sweet, dripping caramel, all tied together with a vanilla note that seamlessly intertwines with everything else dancing in your olfactories in the most pleasant, balanced manner.

-It is a deep, rich scent with all the gourmand/candy-like qualities, however, it has this softness that makes it easy to inhale and enjoy without inducing any sense of nausea or a headache. It's a scent that just stays afloat and dances in the air like a morning fog.

-Although this gem of a candy in a bottle can be reminiscent of complete, utter youth, it is in-fact elegant, seductive, and sophisticated. It's ability to take such rich notes and fuse them together in an airy, feathering manner, makes this scent addictive, luscious, and just-right.