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Sweet Revenge Original Creation




Sweet Revenge is a unisex, original blend of sugar, spice and everything nice. At Alexandria Fragrances we invite you to indulge in this fragrance that will satisfy your sweet tooth. Spicy vanilla wrapped in a warm blanket of caramel and soft honey; making this potion the sweetest of them all. This special creation will have all the bees swarming you making it the sweetest revenge of them all... Creamy, classy, seductive

Time of day: Anytime

Weather: Any weather 

Notes: Caramel, vanilla, sugar cane , white chocolate


Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Brian Lewis
A Gourmand Classic

This is a great original fragrance that nobody talks about. I first received a free sample of Sweet Revenge way back in 2018. I sprayed the fragrance a few times when I first received it, however I never gave it much of a chance. I recently rediscovered the old sample and gave it a few wears. To my surprise, I started enjoying it more and more. A masterful blend of caramel, vanilla, sugar cane, and chocolate.

I finally decided to pull the trigger and got a full 55-ml bottle. I noticed as of recently certain gems from Alexandria Fragrances were being discontinued and were no longer available.I didn’t want to take the chance of this one being discontinued just like Monarch, Indivia, and Upside Down. I’m glad that I have a full bottle. I definitely recommend Sweet Revenge.

Gerard Harrison
Very good!

It smells similar to Italica. So if they sell out of Italian Caramel you could get this

Gourmand Beauty

This was very intoxicating scent, great for a man and/or woman. The lasting power is great.


Wife absolutely loves this frag and I love it on her. She says it's her favorite scent of all time!

David Pfeifer
Gourmand lover

If you like sweetness this is it. It reminds me of bubblegum snowballs from Louisiana in the opening. Last about 6 hrs on my skin.