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The Cachemire Lover's Inspired By The Cachemire by Dior

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The Cachemire Lover's- Silky Rose, Exotic Musk and a pure Orris note create an intense sensation on this unisex masterpiece!

In this creation, the smooth yet strong Tea note makes for a unique and ever transforming scent that keeps on radiating hour after hour. It is like a fresh, sweet, pungent and clean all at the same time. This smells like a vacation in the woods. A runaway road-trip with a great book and a cup of tea. 

Green, effervescent, almost magical. If you want something different but intriguing and attractive then, The Cachemire Lover's is definitely for you!

Inspired by The Cachemire by Dior.



Customer Reviews

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James Killebrew
Dior masterpiece

No comments yet? AF sent me a sample of this before it was available on its site. One of the most beautiful floral, ambery unisex scents ever. Addicting and smooth, I knew a full 55ml bottle had to be added to my AF collection. Thanks for the early sample and beautiful scents you create!