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The God Father Inspired By Nasomatto Baraonda

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The God Father is the fragrance that encourages a raw taste sensation. Born as a result of a quest to evoke the powerful and mighty whisper of an olfactory stirring, which magically rejoins the whole and the nothing.... It's a playful, feel-good scent perfect for every day wear thanks to its appetizing boozy berry notes, mellow spices and blanched woods mélange; yet sensual and deep enough to make you stand out on a night out due to the enveloping notes of musk joined in the base. Inspired by Nasomatto Baraonda!

Time of day: Anytime

Weather: Fall / Winter 

Notes: Whiskey, Woody Notes, Ambrette, Ambroxan, Rose, Musk


Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Quinton Nealy

One of the best boozy fragrances I've ever smelled. When I blind bought this one I was hesitant because I was like how can smelling whiskey be good? But the ratings were so good for this, I gave it a shot. And boy am I glad I did! This thing gets compliments all the time when I break it out and wear it. That boozy note smells great but then sort of dries down to a sweet smelling woody type of fragrance but the slight boozy note is always there but not in a bad way. It just gives it that ummph with the sweetness.

It is just a unique and great smelling cologne that will draw attention for sure. I love it and glad I have it. Its not for everyday wear but this thing is going to be bad ass in the fall and winter months for sure!

Mature and Classy

Amazing scent. Definitely for a mature gentlemen. Great performance. Very boozy

Erwin Chiquete
Beutiful scent

I am very happy. This scent is great!!!!

To be frank, I came for the booze.

And am not disappointed. I love Nasomatto Baraonda but at $170 per 30ml it's pricey. This gives me the booze and keeps giving the booze until I'm nose drunk.

This is a sophisticated fragrance for a discerning individual that wants to meet their maker with their favorite libation on their breath.

The Godfather’s Grandfather

Defiantly a winter scent. This one is a little difficult to explain. Put this one on a cold winter night and it will cut though the cold .