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The Irish Gentleman (Solid Fragrance) Inspired By Creed Green Irish Tweed

The Irish Gentleman (Solid Fragrance) Inspired By Creed Green Irish Tweed

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Get ready to indulge in the best of Ireland with The Irish Gentleman, a solid fragrance that will take you on a refreshing journey through the lush paths of the Emerald Isle. This fragrance is perfect for every day and night, regardless of the weather. With its opening notes of iris and lemon verbena, middle notes of violet leaves, and base of ambergris and sandalwood, The Irish Gentleman is the epitome of sporty and fresh scents.

This solid fragrance is a unique formula that incorporates the same ingredients as the fragrance spray. Our non-greasy, beeswax-centric substance is specially formulated to create a long-lasting scent bubble and sillage, just like the spray. This means that you can apply it to your skin and enjoy its fragrance all day long, no matter where you go. Put it in your pocket and take it anywhere, even when you travel!

What makes The Irish Gentleman unique is its long-lasting and performative scent personality. It opens with a refined and refreshing scent that stays on the skin throughout the day, leaving a trail of fresh and sporty aromas wherever you go. Our solid formula keeps you fresh and invigorated throughout the day, without having to reapply the fragrance every few hours.

Experience the luxury of Creed Green Irish Tweed without breaking the bank. Our affordable, solid fragrance will become your go-to scent that you can use every day. The Irish Gentleman is an all-rounder fragrance that can add the perfect finishing touch to your casual outfits or formal attires.

The Irish Gentleman is perfect for those who want to enjoy a fresh and sporty fragrance that will keep them invigorated and refreshed all day. With its unique solid formula, you can apply it anytime, anywhere, and enjoy a long-lasting scent without having to carry a bulky fragrance bottle. Try The Irish Gentleman solid fragrance today and experience the magic of Ireland!

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