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Tropical Aura Inspired By Sospiro Erba Pura

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Tropical Aura is a fresh and fruity tropical scent that will take you to the Seychelles Islands as you smell the subtle notes of madagascar vanilla and amber mixed with fresh citrus notes. Inspired by Sospiro Erba Pura!

Time of day: Any

Weather: Cool

Notes: Fruits, White Musk, Amber, Madagascar Vanilla, Orange, Bergamot, Lemon


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Annia Wilson Ramirez

Es exactamente los perfumes que me gustan a mi frutales con una hermosa composición . Aún no he probado el original pero este me ha inspirado hacerlo ,buena alternativa. Lo amé. Gracias


So fresh. So clean. Long lasting.

Fragrance so good acclaimed by many

I really felt in love with the first sniff! I got totally captivated from the first notes. Its fruity notes along with the sweetness it emanates just makes you feel very important and as an outstanding wealthy person. I recommend this fragrance to anyone that wants to get reconized in front of important people.

Sergio marquez
Mi favorita

Me encanta nunca probé la original pero si date de jeremy y huele muy similar , me encanta un 10 en todo es una maceidonia , recomendado 100/100 ojalá hagan uno de 100ml

Love at first sniff

The very first time I smelled something that was totally different from all the designer frags was when I picked up Erba Pura at the store some years ago. By that time it was under Sospiro brand before it became the part of Xerjoff (Though, both owned by Sergio Momo) So, from the beginning everything was special about it, starting from the brand name, the frag name and of course the main factor - the smell itself. I should admit I am not good at describing smell and its notes but still, for me, it was divine, unique, a fruity basket, the type of smell to remember a person for. Upon discovering Alexandria Fragrances years ago, till this time had no idea they had an inspiration of Erba Pura since I was more into Creed stuff following the hype...After receiving Tropical Aura and smelling it, the first thing I did was recalling the moment when I first sniffed the cap of Erba Pura. For a second I thought I was at the same store in my imagination. It was absolutely Erba Pura but named Tropical Aura. I mean it in every aspect. The smell, projection, longetivity, overall performance. I just could not tell any differencies. In my opinion, it is easy 95-98% match. Also, particularly from this frag I learnt that smell all alone is nothing if it is not backed up with a great performance. Tropical Aura is a BEAST which means that I only do max 2 sprays. It is simple as that, you do not need more than that. It stays on the skin nearly until you wash it off and on clothes for weeks.