Tropical Night

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The last rays of the setting sun spill across the beach, warming the sand and reflecting off the clear waters. It's time to kick back and relax, sip a cool beverage, and bask in the moment. Tropical Night, an original Alexandria creation, features a refreshing blend of watery lime, smooth coconut, and sweet rum. Hints of bergamot and mandarin round out the citrus accord, while sugar cane and ginger add a bit of spark and sizzle to the bouquet. In the drydown, that fresh, authentic lime rises to a prominent place, and the silky coconut provides a creamy framework where the lime can dazzle your senses. It's a tropical vacation in a bottle!

Time of day: Any

Weather: Warm

Notes: Fresh lime juice, coconut, rum, sugar cane, bergamot, mandarin, ginger, musk

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