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Vanille Doree Inspired By Guerlain Spiritueuse Double Vanille

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Indulgent, decadent, and delicious, Vanille Doree delivers rich streams of creamy vanilla, powdery benzoin, soft incense, and sweet pink pepper atop of flowery bed of Bulgarian rose and jasmine. Like stepping into a bakery to be greeted with the joy-inducing aromas of vanilla cakes and buttercream frosting, this scent will surely have you turning heads.Guerlain Spiritueuse Double Vanille for Women!

Weather: Any

Time of day: Any

Notes: Vanilla, Benzoin, Incense, Cedar, Ylang-Ylang, Pink Pepper, Bulgarian Rose, Bergamot, Jasmine


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
One of my fave vanillas!

I absolutely love this perfume! PLEASE restock the 100ml of this. It is one of my favorite vanillas, and that is saying something considering the majority of perfumes in my collection are vanilla perfumes. This one is rich and smooth, and vanilla is the dominant note to me. On me it doesn't project a ton, but I actually prefer that because I love this one so much I wear it to work. If you are a fan of vanilla perfumes you definitely need to give this one a try!

Rose Ayala Perfume Addict
Beautiful Vanilla!

I am a small youtuber (Rose Ayala Perfume Addict)and I reviewed this fragrance. I actually like it better than the original, even though they're close...

Anna Sedelnikova
It is undistinguishable from Spiritueuse Double vanille Guerlain

I really can’t distinguish two of them, duration is really good too

Jo F
Surprisingly Good!!

Not sure what Guerlain smells like, but bought this because of its (Guerlain’s) description as well as the price when I actually saw how much the spiritueuse cost. I have had a lot of compliments already and I’m really enjoying how it smells on me! Thanks for a great perfume! So glad I discovered this company.

K. Wyatt
One of the best frags in my collection!

I am so happy I ordered Vanille Doree! I’ve never had an opportunity to sample Guerlain’s Spiritueuse Double Vanille, but I certainly read enough reviews to know that I would like it. Unfortunately, the cost is prohibitive. But, no worries, Alexandria has produced another stunning inspiration! I loved Vanille Doree the minute I sprayed it, and it is getting even better with some time to macerate. If you are a gourmand lover, then you will love this is creamy, slightly spicy, vanilla stunner!