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Vitamin C Original Creation

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Vitamin C, an original creation from Alexandria Fragrances, might make you think of your morning glass of OJ, but this is much more than just a bottle full of oranges. After the fresh citrus opening it reveals a heart of fresh spices and green notes and it dries down to a smooth woody base. It will also keep you satisfied much longer than that bagel and orange juice you had for breakfast. It's a perfect scent for the warmer months but can easily work all year around as well.


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Decorian Johnson
Great orange zest

This cologne is fire🔥🔥🔥 on the initial spray very clean and a burst of citrus 🍋🍊🍋. The fragrance does not project very long it sits very close to the skin. I would probably layer this with another fragrance. Great for lounging around with your significant other.

Reggie Ham
Pure Orange

Not orange flavored candy. This smells like I just cut into a juicy orange, including the bitterness of the peel. By bitterness, I mean that in a good masculine way to keep this from being to fruity and sweet.

This is great on its own, or can be used to turn up the orange in "Orange County" etc. Etc. Great masculine fresh that is a break from green and aquatic for the high-heat, summer days! VERY UNDERRATED!

Pleasantly Surprised

I'm pleasantly surprised by this fragrance. I think I'm surprised because I always passed on sampling this fragrance because the name and description didn't really excite me for some reason. I finally decided to give it a try. I've worn it twice since I received the sample and each time I'm kind of reminded of how Crazy Pineapple (which I also enjoy from Alexandria Fragrances) settles on my skin, but instead of the pineapple note, it's replaced with an orange note. I'm not saying they smell the same, but something about Vitamin C on my sking reminds me of Crazy Pineapple on my skin. That's the vibe I'm getting from it so far, but I'm not sure if others would say or experience the same. I have to keep wearing it to test it out, but so far I'm enjoying it, and considering purchasing a travel size to continue to experiment with it throughout the summer. I could see myself wearing this whenever I just want to generally smell good, feel good, and feel a little bright and energized, but mellow at the same time if that makes sense. Thank you Alexandria Fragrances.


Alexandria produces incredibly high quality fragrances, and I'm sure this one is as well, but I have to address the earlier reviewer and tell him to stop begging for freebies and buy sample packs like the rest of us do. How ghetto can you get?

Shane Beaty
Underrated gym

Most realistic orange I've smelled. Could still smell it on me after a hard two hour workout so longevity is great. The orange last throughout the life of the fragrance with a nice woody base with a little spice.