Amouage Perfume: The Story behind the Scent of Oman


Amouage perfume originated from the beautiful city of Oman and has become one of the best luxury fragrances worldwide.

You may wonder how the story of this traditional Omani perfume humbly started and how Amouage scent found its way into the spotlight.

Read on to find out the fascinating story behind the scent of Oman: the Amouage perfume.

Where It All Started: Oman

One of the first perfumes that had ever been created in the Middle East was Omani perfume. It was traditionally made from yellow flowers and was used by the women of the Omani Sultanate during the 16th century.

It was recorded that a scholar named Al-Shaykh al-Ismai from the Omani Sultanate had written a book about the perfume and its ingredients.

Also, there had been many other perfumes that were based on traditional Omani perfume. One of these perfumes was called Um Al-Zaafaran.

The Name Amouage 

Amouage is a perfume company that makes perfumes of the highest quality, sold around the world. It was founded in 1983 in Muscat, Oman. 

The original name Amouage was chosen to associate the perfume with the royal fragrance of the same name, which was traditionally made from saffron and musk and was used by the women of the Omani Sultanate.

Amouage owner, Prince Hamad bin Hamoud al-Bu Said, was responsible for the perfume’s development and creation of the brand’s strategy. He chose to create a luxury brand that would focus on just one product, which is the world’s very best perfume.

In its way, the perfume house represents the culture of Oman. This is because the perfumes of Amouage are in a manner meant as a tribute to the traditions and unique culture of Oman.

The perfumes of Amouage are said to bring out the true beauty and history of Oman. Amouage perfume is known for its scents, which are said to have the traditional elements of Omani perfumery. The perfumes of Amouage reflect the unique characteristics of the perfumery of Oman.

The name Amouage (Amouage) comes from the Arabic word “Amwaj” which means “the water”.

Local Essences

The perfumes of Amouage are made of natural and rare essences. The perfumes are made with the traditional scent of saffron.

Other ingredients that are used to make the perfume are middle-eastern spices, rosewater, sandalwood, and various other rare substances.

There are several ranges available for the Amouage perfume. They are: Amouage Gold, Amouage Green, Amouage Jubilation, Amouage Journey, Amouage Homage, and Amouage Interlude.

For instance, amouage gold is a sensual blend of rare and precious essences, blended in perfect harmony to create a scent that is perfect for the extravagant and aristocratic person.

  • The top notes of the perfume include: pepper, mandarin, and a hint of bergamot.
  • The middle notes include: jasmine, rose, lily-of-the-valley, and Egyptian Lotus.
  • The base notes are: amber, Tonka bean, and musk.

The scents are enriched with different types of musks and incense fragrances that are produced at the Amouage perfume house. The ingredients are then blended with the main components of the perfume.

The perfumes come in beautiful packaging and are traditionally presented in bottle form. They are made from different types of materials that are made and manufactured only in Oman.

Visitor Center and Factory

Amouage perfume house offers a unique visitor center. The visitor’s center is located in the heart of the ancient and traditional Omani capital, Muscat.

The visitor center offers a unique, one-of-a-kind experience, which is centered around the history of the perfume house and the making of Amouage perfume.

The visitor center is open for guests who are interested in learning about the making of the perfume and who would like to experience the rich culture of Oman.

Amouage in the Present Day

The perfumes of Amouage are considered to be the very best luxury perfumes that are sold around the world. They are not only made with the most precious ingredients, but are also made according to the most ancient traditions.

Amouage perfumes are today sold in more than 200 exclusive stores around the world.

Furthermore, Amouage perfume has become a favorite choice of royalty and many celebrities.


The story of Amouage perfume is one that is both old and new. Old, because it dates back to the 16th century and new, because Amouage is still producing the world’s best luxury perfumes.

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