10 Effective Tips to Make Your Perfume’s Scent Last Longer

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Have you noticed that whenever you wear your favorite perfume at the start of your day, it eventually fades by lunchtime?

Well, the problem may not be the perfume itself, but how you apply it. By considering the best practices of wearing perfume, you can make your favorite fragrance last longer. 

Here are ten fragrance hacks that can ultimately help you make your perfume’s scent last longer and help solve your problem.

Spray It Right after Taking a Bath

If you want to keep your body smelling great, a helpful way to do this is by spraying yourself with perfume right after taking a shower. Most perfumes are oil-based, easily penetrating the moisturized skin upon drying, unlike applying perfume to your skin when it is dry, which may take longer to absorb the fragrance fully.

Apply onto Your Skin

Applying perfume to your skin instead of your clothes can make the fragrance last longer. This is because the perfume combines with your skin’s natural oils, leaving the perfume smelling best and fragrant for a long time.

Put Moisturizer before Wearing Your Perfume

Applying a moisturizer before spraying on your perfume can make the scent last longer. A moisturizer can help its aroma penetrate the skin, effectively making your favorite fragrance last longer.

Avoid Rubbing Your Perfume In

Using a blotting motion or patting it on your skin will be essential to making your perfume last longer on your body. Rubbing it on your skin can actually break down the molecules of the fragrance, leaving the smell of the perfume to fade faster than usual.

Use Vaseline to Your Pulse Points before Spraying Perfume

Vaseline can be an excellent tool for making your perfume last longer. Applying it to your pulse points, your wrists, behind your ears, neck, and back of knees can help the fragrance last better.

Spray Perfume on Your Brush before Brushing Your Hair

Applying it to the brush will go a long way if you want to make your perfume last longer into the day. To do this, hold the perfume bottle 6 inches away from your hair, spray the fragrance onto the brush and then brush it on your hair. It will allow your hair to absorb the scent, making your hair smell great.

Use Matching Scented Products

By matching the scents with your body, your perfume will have increased staying power. It can make your perfume last even longer on your skin.

You can apply matching scented products on your skin or hair, such as body wash, lotion, or even hairspray, to create a scent that will enhance your perfume.

Store Your Perfume Properly

The place where you store your perfume can affect its shelf life. Sudden changes in temperature and humidity can also dramatically impact your perfume’s longevity. 

For this reason, you should store your perfume in a cool, dark place. Avoid keeping your bottle in a spot with direct sunlight, as it can warm up the liquid and potentially damage it.

Keep Your Perfume in Its Original Bottle

You should only put on perfume that comes in its original bottle. Doing so prevents the fragrance's exposure to sunlight, moisture, and air, possibly changing your perfume’s scent.

Avoid Shaking Your Perfume Bottle

Don't shake your perfume after taking its lid off. This is because it will mix air into the liquid, making the scent fade faster than usual.


Finding a perfume to match your preferences and personality can be challenging. But making sure that it stays longer when wearing and storing it is another challenge. By doing these ten fragrance hacks, you can be sure that your favorite scent will last throughout the day.

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