3 Easy Tricks To Choosing the Right Perfume for You


It might not be well talked about, but there is a slight pressure with finding your statement fragrance. Perhaps it’s due to the overwhelming number of scents to choose from or the fear of smelling like an over-fragranced teen. Whichever the reason, fragrance shopping is undeniably a trial-and-error task. That is, until now.

Here are three easy tricks to help you find your signature scent:

1. Learn the Language

If intimidation is what stops you from going to the fragrance aisle to find your scent, here’s a simple note to remember: top, middle, and bottom. The top note refers to the strongest scent you can smell when you spray perfume, but it generally fades in 15 minutes. 

Meanwhile, the middle or heart note is the perfume’s body, staying prominent and bold even for hours. Once the middle dissipates, you’re left with the bottom note or the rich, heavy scents that remain until the end of the day.

2. Leave the Store

Experts advise against smelling the perfume right at the counter of the shop. That is because the range of smells in the place could be overwhelming, leaving you with little space to smell the pure notes of the fragrance. So, you should spray it and go instead.

Moreover, don’t just spritz every perfume you find down the aisle. You should spray each one on a different tester stick and leave the store or go outside, then take a whiff. Smelling the perfume around fresh air gives your nose the time to reset, and you’ll have a more unmistakable impression of how you’ll be wearing it in real life. 

Moreover, you should also keep tester sticks so you can keep tabs on your choices. This is better and more efficient than racking your brain about which fragrance you sprayed on which body part. 

3. Live with It

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices but are still stuck with two or three perfumes, all you need to do is take your freshly sprayed sticks and put them in separate pockets. You can return to them later after you’ve run several errands for the day. 

Then, you can smell the fragrances as you move about in your home. Check whether the scents evolved and how you liked them several hours after you sprayed them. If an unmistakable favorite scent doesn’t emerge itself instantly, better wait a day before making a decision, which is how you would go about wearing perfume.

If you’ve already got a winner, do one last skin test before heading back to the mall. Spritz the fragrance on your pulse points, including the neck, wrists, and inner elbows. Don’t rub the perfume in because the friction will only heat the juice and disrupt the scent’s chemistry. 

Wait 30 minutes after spraying it on before taking one last sniff. The time should have allowed the top notes to evaporate and the rest to mix with your natural scent. Then, you’ll have an idea of how it’ll live on your skin clear as day.


If you find that you still love your chosen scent at the end of all that, then you might have just found the one! Now, you’ve got your signature scent or at least a new fragrance you’re going to like wearing for a while.

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