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All hail king Brasilia! Just kidding! But you will feel like this is the king of kings in your collection. A groundbreaking cocktail of apple, pineapple and birch smoke make this beautiful fragrance the number one must have on everybody's collection. This head turner, attention getter, intoxicating, memory making sexy beast of a blend will make you want more and more of it. And not just you, but the amount of fans that you will gather following you wherever your scent trail takes them, makes this one a winner in everyone's book. More of our customers are choosing Brasilia instead of Creed's Aventus!

Time of day: Any

Weather: Any

Notes: Pineapple, Birch, Musk, Black Currant, Bergamot, Oak Moss, Apple, Ambergris, Patchouli, Vanille, Moroccan Jasmine, Rose

Customer Reviews

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Drew Laskey
The king of clones

I own the parfum and EDT of Armaf CDNIM and MB Explorer, IMO the two best Aventus clones. Well, that was before smelling Brasilia and Brasilia (smoke). It's a shame I bought those bottles before discovering these Brasilias because they are BY FAR the best clone of Aventus out there. I personally prefer the fruity batch more though.

This is everything you want Aventus to be that it isn't, price and performance wise. It has all the allure, sex appeal, and depth of Aventus at a fraction of the cost. You can find dozens of Aventus inspired fragrances out there, just search YouTube, but I assure you this and the smoky batch stand alone as the best Aventus inspired fragrances. I will be buying a bottle of each and spraying through Explorer and CDNIM as quickly as possible. Outstanding job AF!!!

Boss Smell

I ordered three fragrances from thid house based on their great reviews, Brasilia being one. This fragrances is amazing! It meets my/ and my husband's expectations on performance, projection and longevity. AF also offers excellent customer service as I ordered on a Sunday, received an email that my order shipped on Tuesday and received it on Thursday. The only thing I was sad about is that they didn't send me any samples as some other reviewers suggested. I would love to try several of their other fragrances and hate to keep blind buying.

Simply Amazing

Finally got myself a bottle of this gem...after testing Aventus, I can say Brasilia is identical(!) on my skin! It opens up more fruity, but it quickly dries down to the Aventus birch. Not overwhelmingly heavy or woody, just spot on sexy! Solid silage and longevity, even a bit stronger than Aventus. Will be definitely ordering more from this house!

Love it

I’ve come to grown and love original Creed Aventus and it’s many clones most good some bad and I’ll be the first to tell you I’ve always hated Creed Aventus and anything associated that scent, but as time went on my appreciation grew little by little, so I’ve decided to buy other batches of aventus from originals to clones and the one batch that got me was the fruitier batches like this wonderful fragrance from AF, to my nose it’s a slightly more fruity scent not overwhelming but enough to distinguish between smokey and fruity and this fragrance right here is exactly why I had a change of heart when it comes to Aventus, if you’re anything like me wanting to stay far away from this scent like I did, give this a try, try different variations batches of the original and clones, I don’t regret buying this bottle at all and the many other scents I have with this DNA. I love it 💯

David Martínez
Inspirado en Aventus?

Por mercadeo me vi tentado a comprar y probar esta fragancia, honestamente no tiene buena fijación, no proyecta y me dejó con muchas preguntas...
No tiene nada que ver con el aroma de Creed Aventus, la piña Ahumada la tuve que ir a comprar al mercado y ponerla en la parilla. Fijación de 1/2 hora y nunca hubo proyección (Aventus, fijación de 8 a 10 horas con proyección de por lo menos un metro). Dinero mal invertido, que pasó aquí!