The Run Way

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The mere essence of male elegance, The Run Way offers the attractive strength of a powerful man. Classic yet modern, the composition is balanced with the fresh citrus and the warm spices...a luxurious modern classic, for the every day man that needs a boost of confidence before a meeting, a date, or anything else life throws at him. More of our customers are choosing The Run Way instead of Amouage Reflection Man!

Time of day: Anytime

Weather: Any Weather

Notes: Jasmine, Neroli, Sandalwood, Rosemary, Orris Root, Vetiver, Cedar, Patchouli, Petitgrain, Pink Pepper

Customer Reviews

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Clemente Jr

Esta riquísima, una muy buena compra a ciegas, ví varios videos hablando de que ea muy floral, pero es varonil, y sobrepaso mi expectativa, huele fantástica,
It is a great fragance, another blind buy that I do not regret,, smells fantastic

Literally 99% spot on!!

I’m obsessed with Amouage reflection and when I first ordered this I was a bit hesitant because it has huge shoes to fill. It’s hard to describe the exact subtle differences I’d probably just say Amouage may be a bit smoother, but only by a tiny bit. After receiving my first bottle of this I’ve since ordered 4 more 55ml bottles. I’m seriously considering buying the entire inventory of this amazing fragrance. Great job!!


Definitely one of my favorite frags overall and Alexandria did a great job at blending this one. I have several bottles of Dua’s version and this blows it out of the water!! I’m becoming a huge fan of Alexandria!!


Not long ago I was dead set against any house that create “inspired expressions”. After putting that stigma to rest I was a loyal customer of Dua when it comes to inspired fragrances but having discovered Alexandria this house is going to be my new go to!! The Run Way is so close to Amouage’s reflection that I can’t tell the difference, the only separation is the longevity which Alexandria kills it!! I’ve now turned to Alexandria for my “Inspired” frags. I only wish they created more Hybrids & Tribrids!

Wonderful, sophisticated

Thanks to a kind sample, I was able to try The Run Way. The note description nails it well. Don't let jasmine as the first note scare you away, it's not a floral fragrance; rather, it's summery and feels like it will work well whether you're wearing shorts or going out for the evening. This will be on my full-bottle list (I just got a full bottle of Hawaii Volcano Intense after sampling that).