Wasted Moment

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Oak and labdanum take the front seat here and become a sweet yet classy cocktail like a good ol' apple martini. Although this one is made with bourbon or scotch. Sweet, woody, incense make this masterpiece intoxicating, but most importantly UNIQUE to anybody's nose and will have people all around you wondering who smells like a sexy, rich, CEO. More of our customers are choosing Wasted Moment instead of By Kilian Apple Brandy!

Time of day: Any

Weather: Cool

Notes: Oak, Labdanum, Vanilla, Cedar

Customer Reviews

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Robyn R Solock

This is a truly wonderful scent. If you're a fan of Killian Apple Brandy, look no further. One of my top two favorites from Alexandria.

Great Fragrance

Haven't had the opportunity to smell the original so I have nothing to compare it to. Smells boozy, sweet, and a bit woody. The sweet definitely comes off the most dominant and can overtake the boozy note - to my nose. A solid option if your looking for this type of scent. Would recommend getting a sample first.

Kyle Stevens
My Favorite

The review below says this smells like apple sauce but I seriously disagree. The apple is more or a green apple, like in a green apple martini. Lol I guess smell reminds you of the past. This reminds me of all the women in their early 20s that can't handle their alcohol. It begins with a candied green apple with a hint of oak and vanilla. I really like this one. People shouldn't write bad reviews because they blind bought something that they didn't like. Always sample first.

Tim H.
It's ok.

I had super high hopes for this fragrance. To me it smells like apple sauce. It does have woody nuances, but the boozy aspect to me is played way down. My favorite boozy fragrance from this house is The God Father. Now The God Father is sensational and extremely boozy. This juice is very chill. I'd wear it for chill, low stakes occasions. Not blind buy worthy.

The Best

This is hands down my favorite fragrance from Alexandria. At first it threw me off a bit because of the booziness. I had to try it three times on my wrist before I actually decided to wear it. Boy am I glad I did. The booziness dies down a bit within about 15-20 minutes and it becomes the most intoxicating green woody fragrance. Great for casual and formal occasions, if you ask me. Maybe a little riskier for a first date but you never know. A couple girls slickly reached over to take a whiff of me at a bar, they didn't say anything but their faces said it all. Trust me, most ladies as well as guys will love this after the initial opening. Some will love the opening too. Don't give a full judgement on first impression, let it sit for 5-15 minutes and smell magic happening. I think it is most ideal for Spring and Fall nights, and you can push it into slightly warmer weather just watch the trigger more.

On a side note, I've never smelled Apple Brandy but if it's anything like this it must be amazing too. But at this price it's a no brainer. Hany pleeeeease continue to produce this! My 1oz bottle is not at all enough. I need 3-4 more oz. Very grateful to have found this though.