Bitter Soft

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Fresh thyme, luscious raspberry, offer a juxtaposition to the birch-tar and leather notes given by this magisterial concoction. Almost narcotic this fragrance is a real head turner and will catch attention from everyone who dares cross your path. Intoxicating, addicting, and well blended notes make Bitter Soft a great fragrance for a special occasion, or really anytime you want to catch someone's attention. More of our customers are choosing Bitter Soft instead of Tom Ford's Tuscan Leather!

Time of day: Anytime

Weather: Any

Notes: Leather, olibanum, night blooming jasmine, and black suede  

Customer Reviews

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Brian Smith
Hookah Smoke

So I'll explain the title. This smells like a raspberry and sueded smoke. It smells like a hookah if that makes sense lol. It's dark yes, but bright with the raspberry. I'd say it gives you the scent of wealth. Every time I wear I think fresh Mercedes S550 leather😅. I'll tell you a little trick to make it smell even better. Take myrrh oil and put it on the pulse points, then spray this bad boy! AMAZING for spring and winter nights. But I'll spray anytime FOREAL!

Tony Gagliardotto

hands down the best cologne i've ever smelled!! took a while to get it over a week but i ordered another bottle faster on amazon (came in 2 days). clean, fresh, motivating, and can wear anywhere and NOT offend people. Can wear this around the house, going out, formal event, date night, hanging with friends, and anywhere else! Will be my go to for a while. Has a clean hint of leather and raspberry but light. Will make you confident, bold, and ready to dominate the day!!

Angel hernadez
4 fragancias recibidas

Anubis kiss: maravillosa
No apologes:riquisima impresionante
Aromatic Conflict:rudo un hombre de caracter.
Golden rush;deliciosa, ruda pero llevadera .
Ahora boy por Biteer soft y M7 .
Y para verano será bracilia afrutado .
Saludos desde Monterrey Mx 🇲🇽
Animense amigos en adquirir estas frgancias .


In my opinion this scent can and should only be worn in the fall and winter 🥶 . I’ve never had the opportunity of smelling TF leather . One thing I can say is that this fragrence does smell like leather . Honestly to me the opening is a little harsh but about 30 minutes in as it settles down. That’s when you can begin to really appreciate this one. Mature & Masculine


This is AMAZING! This lasts hours on my skin. Better performance than the original. Great job!